The Blue Wilderness Research Unit (BWRU) welcomes students and enthusiasts on its internationally acclaimed shark volunteer program. Almost anyone can join this dedicated team on our inspiring research, conservation and education program.

Volunteers learn snorkeling, diving and scientific techniques to collect data that is vital to the management of some of the world’s vulnerable shark species.

As a team member at the Blue Wilderness Research Unit, you will be the driving force in our education and conservation programs, as well as ensuring the ongoing success of our dedicated shark and ecosystem level research programs. In addition to shark diving and snorkeling with up to five species of sharks, volunteers will be working in the Aliwal Shoal Marine Protected Area, one of South Africa’s most pristine and important marine biodiversity hotspots.

Approximate monthly activities: 


BWRU will be a professional partner to your efforts at marketing and recruiting for the program. We can offer upto $400 commission on the monthly program price of $2200.

About the Blue Wilderness Research Unit

The Blue Wilderness Research Unit is a division of the renowned shark diving and adventure company Blue Wilderness. The Research Unit was set up as a distinct division with a core mission of contributing to the health of the marine ecosystems in general and sharks in particular. The unit houses a small but dedicated team consisting of biologists, conservationists and educators.

Daily operations are centered around an dynamic set of short and long term special projects. Each aimed to produce tangible benefits for the Southern African marine ecosystems. Volunteers who join the research unit will become vital members of the team and drive these daily projects.

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The Shark Research Unit is a passionate research and conservation institute located in South Africa. Our core purpose is to conduct and support original shark research, conservation and education programs within our regions of priority.  We achieve these goals through stratigic partnerships with marine scientists, postgraduate students, ecotourism operations and academic institutes. 





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