The Shark Research Unit is proud to offer an annual training scholarship to five aspiring South African marine scientists in the form the the South African Shark Scholarship. 

The South African Shark Scholarship is designed to allow annuals recipients to join the Shark Research Unit team for a fully sponsored month on our renowned Great White Shark Research Internship. The award covers local transport to and from Mossel Bay. accommodation and meals, experiential training, online training, and in person mentorship by our research team. Click here to learn more about the training programs included in the internship,



The annual South African Shark Scholarship is presented annually to five deserving candidates who fulfill the following criteria

South African national or permanent resident

Registered at, or recently graduated from,  a South African higher education institute

Studying, graduated in the field of Natural Sciences.

Intention to continue with higher education studies in Natural Sciences or enter as a professional in the field of Natural Sciences

Completed a full application submission before the annual closing date.

The Shark Research Unit provides the below sponsorship for a one month period to successful applicants of the Shark Research Units – South African Shark Scholarship. 

Included in Scholarship


Shared or dorm accommodation during your field research work


Standard three meals provided for duration of time at the SRI research internship

Office facilities

Office space, internet, printing and other required data and communication facilities that the SRU has on offer.

Experiential Training

Daily research, education and conservation expeditions to work with sharks, communities and school learners.

Academic support

Expert guidance and academic mentorship from resident scientists at the SRU.

Local Transport

Land based transport from your home town to Mossel Bay and back

Your commitments

As part of receiving a South African Shark Scholarship you will have to fulfill a number of commitments during your time at the Shark Research Unit. 

Monthly Research Vlog

Present a short 2 minute video on your experience and training you received from the Shark Research Unit

Cleaning and Maintenance

During your time at the Shark Research Unit, you will be required to dedicate time to cleaning and maintaining all research equipment, office and laboratories, SCUBA equipment, vehicles, vessels and other logistics as part of the internship program

Content Creation

Send daily updates, videos and photographs of your work (via whatsapp) for posting on the Shark Research Units social media accounts.

Follow Code of Conduct

The SRU welcomes students, interns and scientists from all over the world to use and enjoy our facilities. To ensure that everyone is respected and feels welcome, the SRU has a strict code of conduct that applies to everyone working, visiting or residing at the SRU. Review our code of conduct here


Apply here to be considered for one of five annual shark scholarship awards. 


The Shark Research Unit is a shark and marine research and conservation institute driven by a passionate team of shark experts. We are located in South Africa and work in two regions of priority – Aliwal Shoal and Mossel Bay. 

Our core purpose is to conduct and support original shark research, conservation and education programs through strategic partnerships with marine scientists, postgraduate students, ecotourism operators and academic institutes. 

Our focus extends to nurturing a new generation (of all ages) of shark scientists, professionals and enthusiasts. We achieve this through our great white shark research internship, learner outreach programs and expert guided shark edu-tours  



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