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Month: September 2022

A Blacktip shark called ‘Daglias’

This adoption of Daglias was done by Paula Levin - to be used by Shark Research Unit wherever it is needed most. Thank you very much Paula!

A Pajama Shark called ‘Phillip A. Sharky’

This cute Pyjama shark was adopted by Ashley Miller and gifted to Jackson Shope on his 6th birthday.

A Great White shark called ‘Prophouse’

This adoption is led by the @greennouns in the name of @nounsdao funded by @nounsprophouse. We are glad to support Shark Conservation

The camera-shy Great White shark called ‘Jaxson’

The iconic 4m Great White shark residing in Mossel Bay was adopted by Kriss Kramers to support Shark conservation!

A gorgeous great white shark called ‘Megaloshron’

Megaloshron was gifted by Casey Atabek to her Mom. " My mom LOVES Great Whites! She would love tracking information on her shark for as long as possible and newsletters about conservation and new research.…

A Pyjama shark called ‘Eatsummore’

Adopted for Andre Broekaert, gifted by Liza Broekaert. A beautiful Pyjama shark in Mossel Bay, South Africa

A handsome great white shark called ‘Maverick’

Maverick was gifted by Brett Bryant to his son. " Thank you Shark Research for all you do! Saving our oceans and our sharks is no small feat! Keep up the great work!

A great white shark called ‘Nouns.wtf’

This shark has been adopted by the Nouns DAO. Amazing, futuristic and ambitious community in the crypto world that will change people's mind by building impactful projects.This adoption is led by the @greennouns in the…

A Pajama Shark called ‘Alexis’

Thank you Shark Research Unit for your work and this cool initiative!

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