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Fiona filming Ryan on camo sharks

Do Great White Sharks have Camo Sharks Superpowers?

Working with sharks every day sounds like a marine biologist’s dream job. And of course, it’s the truth! But in order to pursue this exciting career full-time, you need some next-level research experience in the…

What you need to know when travelling to South Africa during Covid

International travel to and from South Africa is allowed, subject to health and safety protocols. We’ve put together some must-know information to help prepare you for your trip. South Africa is currently under Level 1…

The Shark Research Unit rocks it on National Geographics – Sharkfest 2020

2020 Sharkfest on National Geographic starting 4 July has month-long shark documentaries including the South African filmed Shark vs Whale, a groundbreaking film hosted by the Shark Research Unit's Ryan Johnson

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